Myaxyl Oil 60 Ml


Myaxyl Oil is a proprietary medicine developed with an aim of providing complete care for inflammatory and painful conditions, especially knee pains. Myaxyl Oil is an Ayurvedic oil for muscle stiffness that uses potent herbs to ease inflammation and pain. This Ayurvedic pain relief oil contains ingredients that are useful for pain and stiff muscles or joints. It contains key ingredients that are used in Ayurvedic practices to prepare oil for muscle stiffness and joint pain relief oil. It is formulated to easily penetrate deep into the tissues. The ingredients present in this oil enhance circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation.


  • Beneficial in Vata disorders like joint pain, and stiffness, and helps reduce inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation to the affected part and reduces swelling and muscle spasms
  • Helps provide more flexibility to the joints and thus improve the range of motion
  • Beneficial in enhancing the mobility of joints in osteoarthritis and related joint ailments
  • The active ingredients in Myaxyl oil penetrate deep and help in relieving joint stiffness
  • The incorporation of ingredients in sesame oil medium along with other essential oils facilitates easy penetration through the skin

    How to use:
    Apply 5 to 10ml on the affected part
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