Ubtan Foaming Face Wash | Face Wash for Glowing Skin | Skin Rejuvenating 150ml


Ubtan face wash makes your skin radiant and smooth due to its natural and traditional herbs and oils. Turmeric, sandalwood, rose, orange peel, and neem extracts help in removing dead skin and improve complexion. The ubtan foaming face wash has a natural fragrance that gives a relaxing experience and calms your mind. The ubtan face wash is paraben-free and rejuvenating. It helps in reducing blemishes and heals dry and itchy skin. The ubtan face wash unclogs the pores and removes blackheads along with hydrating the skin. It has antiseptic properties, gives glowing skin, and removes dark circles. The ubtan face wash has anti-tanning properties and nourishes the skin. It fights pimples and lightens the skin tone.

Blemishes, Itchy skin, Dark circles, Pimples

Natural fragrance, Paraben-free, Antiseptic properties