Shatavari Powder (Asparagus racemosus) – 100 gm


Shatavari or Asparag is one of the most highly regarded ayurvedic herb for supporting a healthy female reproductive system . It nourishes and cleanses female reproductive system. It supports the production of breast milk in nursing mothers and cure hormonal imbalance. The male reproductive system will also benefit from shatavari , as it helps to cure sexual debility and impotence. Shatavari aids in eliminating wastes out of the body and gives a soothing effect on digestive tract and boost your immunity. Having Shatavari increases the strength of the body, nourishes the brain and whole nervous system and helps your body to cope with physical and emotional stress. It reduce the free radical skin damage that leads to formation of wrinkles and thus it helps you to maintain healthy skin. Shatavari is a natural remedy to cure cough. Acidity and urinary issues can be tackled by using Shatavari. Our Shatavari powder is fully packed with all real benefits of Shatavari and helps you to improve overall wellness.

Suggested usage: Mix 3 gms of powder with lukewarm water and consume once or twice a day OR Contact Dr.Janci Liby @ 027 800 2390

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