Gold Glam Facial Kit 405g


Astaberry Gold Glam Facial Kit is an advanced facial that brings a long-lasting glow to the skin. Astaberry has created this gold facial kit using revolutionary technologies like the scrub 2 creme and the alginate peel-off mask. It is nature’s whitening facial kit that contains natural ingredients that penetrate the skin and give radiance. This kit heals and repairs the skin, makes complexion lighter, works on blemishes, and gives a velvety feel.

Blemishes, Dull skin, Rough skin

Fail-proof gold formula

How to use:Cleanse
Apply Gold Glam Cleansing Gel on the face and neck. Massage for 3-4 Minutes and rinse off.
Tone Apply PH Soothing Toner on the skin and wipe with dry cotton
Scrub Apply the revolutionary technology from Astaberry, Scrub to creme on the face and massage for 5-7 minutes in an anti-clockwise direction.
Nourish Without removing the scrub, apply a dropper full of Glow serum on the face and massage for 10-15 minutes. The scrubbers will melt into the skin and turn into a rich cream. Wipe off excess cream
Brighten Apply a brightening gel mask on the face. Massage for 1 minute and leave on for 8-10 minutes. Then Wipe off.
Calm Apply the revolutionary alginate mask from Astaberry!!! Empty the contents of this pouch into a bowl and add 30ml water and mix well quickly. Immediately apply on the face to form a thick layer. Cover eyes and eyelids with the mask. Peel off when dry. Remove traces of pack with wet cotton.