Astaberry Wine Facial Kit with Face Serum


Astaberry Wine Facial Kit -Advanced Formula with Face Serum:

Pamper your skin with Astaberry’s wine facial kit to provide it with the nourishment that your skin deserves. Restore the nutrients of your skin, remove the layer of dead skin cells and get back your long-lost glow. This fruit facial kit contains the goodness of red grape extract, olive oil, almond oil, and cocoa butter. Remove the dark spots, acne marks, and pigmentation effectively with this glow facial kit. Cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, enhance and repeat! Follow this 6-step mantra to accomplish your skin goals.

Kit contains: Wine Facial Cleanser 5 g , Wine Exfoliating Scrub 6 g, Wine Hydrating Gel 5 g , Wine Massage Crème 7 g , Wine Relaxing Mask 10 g , Wine Serum 3 g


Red Grapes Extract | StrawBerry | Watermelon | Papaya Extract


Improve skin moisturization, firmness, and elasticity, Reduces fine surface lines, Replenishes depleted moisture…

How to use:
1. Wash thoroughly face and neck with Wine Hydrating Cleanser, wipe dry
2. Apply Wine Scrub and massage for 5-7 mins with fingertips in anticlockwise motion to remove dead skin
3. Massage with Wine Gel on the face for 2 mins then wipe with a wet towel
4. Let the skin cool for 2 mins then apply Wine Creme. Massage for 7-10 mins then clear excess creme.
5. Apply the thick layer of wine mask on the face and leave for 8-10 mins until semi-solid then wash off
6. Apply Wine serum generously on the face to finish off the facial