Astaberry Vitamin-C Face Serum 30ml


The Face Serum Combo Kit contains a perfect blend of essential nutrients that effectively brighten your skin. The face serum for glowing skin reduces fine lines and smoothens the texture of your skin. It contains Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and skin lightening agent which reduces dark spots and pigmentation.

The Face Serum Combo Kit removes dark circles under your eye and also hydrates and moisturizes your skin. The Face Serum Combo Kit contains Aloe Vera extracts, orange peel extracts, and soya extracts which make the skin healthy and radiant.

Fine lines, Dark spots, Pigmentation, Dark circles

Aloe vera extracts, Orange peel extracts, Soya extracts, Contains Vitamin C, Skin lightening agent

How to use:
Apply 4-5 drops on a clean and dry face and spread gently
Let it absorb into the skin
You can follow it with a Moisturizing Lotion or Sunscreen