Astaberry fairness cream 50g


Astaberry Fairness Cream is a unique formula that improves your skin tone and texture permanently. This innovative product is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients that are designed using modern technology. It is specially formulated with bearberry extract that offers a brighter complexion than ever before. Rich in antioxidants, the cream fights against the free radicals and protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It also repairs the damaged skin cells and rejuvenates dull cells, promoting a fairer look. The lightweight formula seeps down the skin, lightens dark spots, discoloration, and suntan. Rich in vitamin E content, the non-greasy product hydrates skin and replenishes moisture content, making skin soft and smooth.

How To Use Astaberry Fairness Cream ?
Apply Astaberry Fairness Cream to cleansed face and body.
Massage it in gentle circular motions until it gets absorbed.
Use twice daily for the best results.

Astaberry Fairness Cream Benefits And Uses :
Brightens the skin.
Improves skin tone.
Improves skin texture.
Fights free radicals.
Protects skin from the harmful UV rays.
Repairs damaged skin cells.
Rejuvenates skin cells.
Lightens dark spots and discoloration.
Hydrates skin.
Lightens suntan.
Makes skin smooth and soft.