Astaberry Papaya Facial kit with Face Serum


Astaberry Papaya Facial kit with Face Serum- Advanced Therapy:

Astaberry Papaya Facial Kit contains papaya extracts that help reduce pigmentation and blemishes on the skin. This natures papaya facial kit also contains valuable herbal oils and vitamins that improve skin moisturization, firmness, and elasticity.

Kit contains:
Papaya Facial Cleanser 5 g, Papaya Exfoliating Scrub 6 g, Papaya Hydrating Gel 5 g, Papaya Massage Crème 7 g, Papaya Relaxing Mask 10 g, Papaya Serum 3 g

Pigmentation, Blemishes, Dry skin

Reduced pigmentation, Papaya extracts and herbal oils, Wondrous Radiance

How to use:
1. Cleanser – Wash thoroughly face and neck with Astaberry Cleanser and wipe dry.
2. Exfoliate – Apply Astaberry Scrub with fingertips and massage gently in an anti-clock direction for 3-4 Mins. Wash Off with water.
3. Gel – Apply Astaberry Gel and leave for 1 Min. Then Massage gently and wipe off excess gel.
4. Crème – Apply Astaberry Creme, Massage for 10-12 Mins. Removal Excess Creme.
5. Mask – Apply Astaberry Mask on the face and neck. Wash off when semi-dry.
6. Serum – Apply Astaberry Serum Generously on the face to finish off the facial.